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Worst Bowler Ever

September 27, 2006

images13.jpg How about one more title sweetness…


The First Fantastic Four Movie

September 23, 2006

ff-1994-01.jpg It’s actually not that bad if you’re blind…and deaf


September 23, 2006

rfkbj.JPG Buy her some penis and Cracker Jacks, As long as I finish before the usher gets back…

Martha Stewart spies on Rachael Ray

September 19, 2006

rachel.jpg The things you learn in prison

Kate Bosworth’s next roll: Skeletor

September 14, 2006

kate-bosworth-nipple-slip-15.jpg Ribbed is her pleasure

Did Nancy Grace go too far?

September 14, 2006

head_nancygrace.jpg CNN’s wack-job host airs interview with suicide mom

McDonalds: Order everything for $146.50

September 13, 2006

images10.jpg Guy orders everything on the menu and still gets asked to Super Size