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Weird Al White and Nerdy

September 23, 2006

4241apr_weirdal.gif Don’t call it a come back, Weird Al’s been here for years


The Monkeys turn 40

September 13, 2006

151012__monkees_l.jpg And yet we still haven’t seen The Monkey’s movie (besides HEAD)

Hottest music video ever

September 5, 2006

2.jpg So after seeing the disturbing version of NIN’s “Closer” combined with Star Trek, check out a much better version of the song with I-Pod Sarah (NSFW)

How Star Trek IV should have began

September 5, 2006

closer.jpg After seeing how Superman: The Movie should have ended, take a look at how Star Trek IV should have started, if at the End of Star Trek III they were unable to get Spock back to Vulcan in time (NSFW)

Top 5 MTV Video awards moments

August 31, 2006

317657.jpg I would have picked the time Pee Wee Herman came out after being arrested in the porn theatre. Remember that?

Eminem makes Kendra wet

August 30, 2006

kendrachargerjersey1pc.jpg The only way I’d make Kendra Wilkinson wet is by drooling on her

A-Z of Rock and Roll Scandals

August 18, 2006

tatu_article.jpg Where is only 3 of the Monkeys returning for that come back album “Pool It?”