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Paris Hilton Milk Bath

September 17, 2006

images12.jpg Those Germans are pretty smart


Maxim sucks

September 17, 2006

hd.jpg The once cool mag has gone WAY down hill

Did Nancy Grace go too far?

September 14, 2006

head_nancygrace.jpg CNN’s wack-job host airs interview with suicide mom

Tuesday’s Classic Clip: Samuel L Jackson Beer

September 13, 2006

chapelle-show-01.jpg Yes I think they deserved to die and I hope they burn in Hell!!

World’s Worst Boxer: Bob Sapp

September 8, 2006

photo04b.jpg WWE needs to sign this guy ASAP

Schmitt’s Gay

September 6, 2006

images1.jpg Remember when Sandler and Farley made SNL funny?

CNN’s Kyra Phillips pulls a Frank Drebin

August 30, 2006

kyra.jpg At least she didn’t take a crap on air